We view forest stewardship as a long term obligation to the land and the ecosystem that it is dependent upon it. Seedlings starting today will grow to play multiple roles in the environment, forest and economy over the next 100 or more years. We are well aware that the trees on our lands clean the air and sequester carbon, provide habitat and cover for wildlife, generate additional cones and seeds, and are a potential energy source and wood product which help drive the local economy.

Shasta Forests Timberlands, LLC developed one of the first Sustained Yield Plans (SYP) approved in California after comprehensive multi-agency and public review. This plan outlines our forest management objectives to enhance on a sustainable basis the timber, wildlife and watershed values of our lands over a 100 year time horizon. It can be viewed here.

Under this plan, the management of our lands over the next 100 years should produce the following:

  • Almost double the current standing inventory with larger average tree sizes that can sustain higher harvest levels, higher quality native forest wildlife habitat and more fire resilient natural forests.
  • The net sequestration of more than 41.6 million tons of C02
  • Jobs for 68,480 person-years for over $2 billion dollars in payroll that would support regional economic and social vitality and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in local, state and federal tax revenues
  • Several million tons of wood fuel chips that generate renewable energy from log and wood manufacturing waste, and also from thinning overstocked small trees that promotes forest health and reduces fire hazards.
  • 5.35 billion board feet of logs for wood products (enough wood to build > 350,000 houses) that would generate millions of dollars in yield taxes for 5 counties. (assumes 15,000 board feet per house)

In addition to detailing our management in our SYP, we have maintained third party certification for the past 10 years by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) which is recognized for its very high standards of Environmental, Social and Economic Principles. Shasta Forests Timberlands, LLC is committed to manage our forestland in conformance with the standards and policies of the Forest Stewardship Council. The forestlands and operations are reviewed in the field and audited every year for compliance with this certification by Scientific Certification Systems. Our latest certification document (SCS-FM/COC-00024N) can be found here.

The mark of responsible forestry